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Hello and Welcome to my website! My name is Lucy Jones and if you haven’t already guessed it I am a trantric massage therapist within stoke on Trent!

I Have been a Tantric Massage therapist for over 8 years and in that time I have built up a loyal customer base, you will wonder why I dont always respond to my messages, and this is because I am not only selective on which clients I pick but I also only offer a number of massages in a week, there are also extra bonus points if you contact me through Onlyfans – but a text sometimes is fine to see where I am at with appointments!!!

So the question I get asked is this : who are you and what is Tantric massage?

Tantric massage has many forms, however the massage that I offer is a soft and teasing form of massage which our your whole bodys, meaning we are both NAKED during the massage, The massage is so, and both relaxing and if done correctly is highly errotic! Where normal massages stop at the nape of the back, my massage continues on to the sensitive and private areas of your body, slowly teasing you and allowing you to feel true relaxation and freedom, I will spend the time we have massaging, edging and then eventually giving you a truly amazing happy ending, which is hand based.

What DOES NOT happen in the massage under ANY circumstances!

– I am NOT an escort, and therefore will be offended if you ask for any extra services! Trust me when I say my massage is truly so good you wont want any!

Here is a little poem I wrote about my massage :

Hi my name is Lucy Jones
i’m here to ease your aching bones
escape from all the hustle and bustle
I will relax your every muscle

Tantra is an ancient art
Designed to sooth your body and heart
totally naked, my skin on your skin
helping unlock the pleasures within.

The massage will start, soft music will play
lay down, let me help you drift away,
we’l start at the top, soft hands on your back
working down to your sensitive crack

My qualified techniques are very soft and slow
as time passes by the pleasure will grow
My oily soft fingers will begin to explore
all over your body, down to your core.

As time goes by we’l start to deeply connect
with the amazing sensual pleasures that you can expect
The feeling has been said its like no other
Explosive and intense – Like a touch from a lover.

As your penis slowly grows, My boobs are on your face
please let my soft and oily touch explore your special place
Il take you to the edge then bring you back and then
the pleasure will build inside you over and over again

Now its time for the end, you need to climax so much

building waves of energy, exploding at my touch
the feeling is amazing, the best that you can get

]words can not describe it, but its impossible to forget.

Now its time to shower, assisted if you may
to get you nice and freshened up to enjoy the rest of your day.
You will leave my home with a feeling of bliss
relax…. it doesn’t get better than this.
So if your passing by and you think you need a fix
find me at junction 16 just off the M6.
I’m smiley and happy, bubbly and carefree
chatty and friendly and caring – just little old me.

Flame red hair and a massive chest
[My tantric massages are simply the best.
If you’v read my poem and like what you see
why not book an appointment with me?

All my love