Hi guys how are you?

I just wanted to wish a happy march to you all.

Last week was a good week, I had so many lovely massage guys and I went back to doing my volunteer work, I had had 3 months off due to the certain thing I did getting there funding shut down and even though I was offerd other roles within the setting I just wanted abit of a rest as I had been doing the other thing for almost 5 years. Last week I made myself go back and then tonight I got thrown into the deep end run the thing I was only supposed to be helping out at, (i am so sorry i am totally vague but as you understand I cant go into to much detail) I dont know if it is the same for others but for me it is relay good to just be thrown into the deep end and it dosent give me chance to worry about it.

This week starts the beginning of the collage coarse I was talking about in the last blog, I am so excited to get going with it all, and those of you that come and visit me I will show you all my homework as i will proudly have it all on display, however rubbish.

The weekend was a busy one for me as I painted my bedroom – for now a simple white as I was sealing plaster work, but in a few weeks I shal be painting it a nice gray to go with my romantic boudoir look. I also have spray painted my dressing table and upcycled a few other things. My vision of the room is for it to be quite serene (as you all know I use color everywhere elce) so for this room I want it all to be about the warmth and textures and the comfort. Somewhere I can totally unwind after a long day, and somewhere I can do my cuddle therapy and gents can feel totaly at ease. happy, calm and safe.

In other news my used panties seem to becoming quite popular so I have added a few more plus other items, some of them may not be to your taste, but I have tried to cater to most fetishes.

Anyways guys
I am off to my fluffy bed to wrap up.

Love you all

Bye for now
Lucy xxxx