Hi guys how are you all?


Hi guys I just wanted to let you all know I am transferring all of my blogs over to my website.



first of all let me wish you a big wonderful HAPPY NEW YEAR!

What a brilliant holiday season it has been, But I honestly am shattered! My holiday season usualy starts at the 23rd of december with a birthday, Christmas day which is always great, and then boxing day is my older brothers, new years eve I went to a glitz and glamour black tie ball, and today (the 4th) is my brothers 19th birthday. All the festivities have been great but i am finally glad to be back to normal and ready to start the new year.

I hate the word new years resolution, instead I like to call them new years goals, I have a few, mainly boring and revolving around my other love in life (apart from massage) which is renovating my large Victorian townhouse I brought In july last year. sometimes it dosent feel like I have done much to the house, but then I step away and think that in fact I have done a fair bit to it and i should be proud of what I have achieved x

This year is all about positive mental attitude and Im not going to get myself stressed out if i make slow progress or fancy a night off, I am vowing to be kind to myself and not to let the expectations i usually give myself put me under pressure.

So Guys, Happy 2016 – I feel its the start of a wonderful year xx

new sea

This pic was at gran canaria, its my happy place and I will go back this year xx

Love lucy xxx