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Is there anything better than a warm soapy shower?

Hi guys how are you all?

I just wanted to let you all know about the fun I have been having lately at my humble abode.

With the lovely sunny weather we have been having recently it’s been no wonder that I have been having quite a lot more assisted showers. For those of you that don’t know what this is, close your eyes, and imagine this: we are both totally completely naked, there is classical relaxing music in the background of my tranquil bathroom, the lovely rain shower is beating down like a warm refreshing shower in the meadow.
my arms are wrapped around your neck as you look into my eyes, my huge wet, soapy breasts are pressed up agenst your chest, my hands are exploring your thighs and slowly but surly wraparound your penis. I may turn around and grind my bottom agenst your soaking thigh, I may even ask for you to soap it up.
IMG_1229The possibilities are endless.

The last gentlemen who took a shower withme asked if he could take some pics, which i kindly obliged.

Remember that when you come to see me your not only paying for a great massage, your also paying for my lovely, fresh, modern facilities. Because what’s the point in getting dirty…if you can’t have a little fun getting clean.

Anyway guys have a lovely sunny weekend
Love you all
Lucy Xxxx

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Hi guys,

I wanted to share with you my new favarate quote. its not a new quote, but itstepss an oldy but a goody!

A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.

How true is that? Sometimes like us all i can put things off, Sometimes I can put so many obstacles in my way that I convince myself that I cant do something. Sometime making a change is good, and for some people (like me) making a change can be so scary and daunting, but does that mean that we shouldn’t do it? something wed like to do, and want to do, does it mean we shouldn’t try? or even Try to try?

Making a change is so hard in life, being brave is even harder
, but just trying one little thing can lead to bigger changes and acts of bravery in the long run.

So if youd like to try a massage but are to scard, try a webcam show, and then work upto a massage.

if you want to start making your sexual bucket list, or any type of bucket list a reality, start of small, have a go, just get up and try!

I am pretty happy with my life, but i will be trying even harder to get out of my comfort zone and try new things. So far I have taken new and exciting volunteer work up and started a new collage coarse.

So guys, What step will you all be taking this week?

Love you all

Lucy xxx

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Hi guys how are you?

I just wanted to wish a happy march to you all.

Last week was a good week, I had so many lovely massage guys and I went back to doing my volunteer work, I had had 3 months off due to the certain thing I did getting there funding shut down and even though I was offerd other roles within the setting I just wanted abit of a rest as I had been doing the other thing for almost 5 years. Last week I made myself go back and then tonight I got thrown into the deep end run the thing I was only supposed to be helping out at, (i am so sorry i am totally vague but as you understand I cant go into to much detail) I dont know if it is the same for others but for me it is relay good to just be thrown into the deep end and it dosent give me chance to worry about it.

This week starts the beginning of the collage coarse I was talking about in the last blog, I am so excited to get going with it all, and those of you that come and visit me I will show you all my homework as i will proudly have it all on display, however rubbish.

The weekend was a busy one for me as I painted my bedroom – for now a simple white as I was sealing plaster work, but in a few weeks I shal be painting it a nice gray to go with my romantic boudoir look. I also have spray painted my dressing table and upcycled a few other things. My vision of the room is for it to be quite serene (as you all know I use color everywhere elce) so for this room I want it all to be about the warmth and textures and the comfort. Somewhere I can totally unwind after a long day, and somewhere I can do my cuddle therapy and gents can feel totaly at ease. happy, calm and safe.

In other news my used panties seem to becoming quite popular so I have added a few more plus other items, some of them may not be to your taste, but I have tried to cater to most fetishes.

Anyways guys
I am off to my fluffy bed to wrap up.

Love you all

Bye for now
Lucy xxxx

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Hello guys,



Well first of all let me tell you that today I do not look very sexy as I am in the middle of laying yet more laminate floor! I am taking abit of a break as im stumped of a particular part, those of you that have visited my home will know that the house is more of a quirky cottage style house so no wall is particularly square, but I will plan my next move and hopefully be done….soon!

The second thing I have to tell you is pretty exciting. I have decided to start a small collage coarse on Thursday nights, its just something small and different than my usual day to day thing and its just for 3 months – dont worry guys i’m not going to be changing jobs or anything, its just that I am abit of a workaholic and most days put in 14 hours days, its nice sometimes to have a change of pace and use my brain a little bit – and do something that involves wearing clothes. So that means that I will not be on cam or working on Thursday nights from now on. Once I am a little bit braver I will tell you what I will be studying, but its abit different from massage but still quite creative.

In other news i have just finished having my walk in wardbrobe done which means once my new bed comes and the rooms painted, the bedroom is ready for cuddle sessions again. I relay want a soft and relaxing bedroom and to take a step away from usual aray of bright collars like in the rest of my house – so I shall keep you posted.

Love you all
Lucy x

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Hi guys,

I just wanted to let you all know that I have uploaded more movies and pictures for you all to see, I am on a little bit of a content spree at the moment and my aim is upload about 40 more by the end of febuary, the reason for this is that because things at home and with work have been pretty non stop, I have niglected my loyal movie buyers.

But I need your help guys, what movies would you like to see? More cock sucking ones? wet T shirt? boobie ones? please dont be shy, send me a mesage on here with your request and i would be so happy to do it.

I also went on a little trip to liverpool last weekend but I will be sharing all the fun i had there on another blog,for now I am having an early night as I am having a built in wardrobes built tomorrow and the builder is coming at silly oclock x

You can see all of my content over on:

See you all soon
Love lucy xxx



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Hi guys I just wanted to check in with you all,

How are you all? I can not actually believe that it is almost February! And people say that the month of jan is the worse month around, for me it has been one of the best months for meeting new and interesting people to massage aswell as catching up with some of my loyal, lovely reguours. I like a good healthy mix of both to keep me on my toes.

Progress on the house seems to have certainly built momentum this month aswell, I have not only painted my huge lounge aswell as primed and painted the wood paneling but I have also just layed some laminate flooring in my hallway, it is intresting how something so simple can lift the whole space, it makes it look 3 times bigger, I had being toying with the idea for a while, but I am so glad I took the plunge – As you know I am not a huge risk taker – but I am getting there! – Kitchen and bedroom next, aswell as carpeting my stairs 😉

This weekend I will be visiting liverpool with my mum, We will be going on a spa day and staying over in a nice hotel as a treat for ourselfs. I have been to liverpool so many times but randomly my mum never has, I have booked myself a hot stone massage, something that I have not tried since learning the technique at collage, my back needs some serious attention so I am happy to be getting that done aswell as letting my hair down and having a cocktail or 2. I have a few favorite cocktails, One is a mojito (i used to love the bison grass one from revolutions the most but they dont do it now but basicly it was an apple one) So an apple or passion fruit mojito is differently up there on my cocktail faves. I also love the aptly named Porn star martini, as you all know passion fruit is my favorite and with the procecco shot loosing up the fruit stones ….mmmm! is it weird that I want a cocktail now? it is 8.55 in the morning hehe!

Anyway guys, I need to go and get ready for my first massage of the day, I will as always sharing my adventures on twitter for those that follow me

Also guys dont forget I have a new phone number which is now on my profile.
Love you all

Lucy xxxxpic3

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Hi guys I just wanted to let you all know that I have changed my phone number, If you still have my old one I shal be keeping it on for a week or so, but please if you have my number saved please delete the old one and add the new one. I have had a new work phone and the darn cloud is being ever so difficult, so I decided to just change the number and transfer my contacts the old fashioned way with a pen and paper.

Also, please dont be annoyed with me if i have seen you many times but dont know who you are, I do not save numbers on my phone as I like to be discrete as possible. if you could just let me know who you are and if we have met before it would make my life so much easier.

I have another blog that I will post tomorrow, But its late now so I shal be calling it a night – (its been a long and very busy night on webcam)

Speak to you soon

All my love

Lucy xxxboobs

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Hi guys how are you all?


Hi guys I just wanted to let you all know I am transferring all of my blogs over to my website.



first of all let me wish you a big wonderful HAPPY NEW YEAR!

What a brilliant holiday season it has been, But I honestly am shattered! My holiday season usualy starts at the 23rd of december with a birthday, Christmas day which is always great, and then boxing day is my older brothers, new years eve I went to a glitz and glamour black tie ball, and today (the 4th) is my brothers 19th birthday. All the festivities have been great but i am finally glad to be back to normal and ready to start the new year.

I hate the word new years resolution, instead I like to call them new years goals, I have a few, mainly boring and revolving around my other love in life (apart from massage) which is renovating my large Victorian townhouse I brought In july last year. sometimes it dosent feel like I have done much to the house, but then I step away and think that in fact I have done a fair bit to it and i should be proud of what I have achieved x

This year is all about positive mental attitude and Im not going to get myself stressed out if i make slow progress or fancy a night off, I am vowing to be kind to myself and not to let the expectations i usually give myself put me under pressure.

So Guys, Happy 2016 – I feel its the start of a wonderful year xx

new sea

This pic was at gran canaria, its my happy place and I will go back this year xx

Love lucy xxx