Is there anything better than a warm soapy shower?

Hi guys how are you all?

I just wanted to let you all know about the fun I have been having lately at my humble abode.

With the lovely sunny weather we have been having recently it’s been no wonder that I have been having quite a lot more assisted showers. For those of you that don’t know what this is, close your eyes, and imagine this: we are both totally completely naked, there is classical relaxing music in the background of my tranquil bathroom, the lovely rain shower is beating down like a warm refreshing shower in the meadow.
my arms are wrapped around your neck as you look into my eyes, my huge wet, soapy breasts are pressed up agenst your chest, my hands are exploring your thighs and slowly but surly wraparound your penis. I may turn around and grind my bottom agenst your soaking thigh, I may even ask for you to soap it up.
IMG_1229The possibilities are endless.

The last gentlemen who took a shower withme asked if he could take some pics, which i kindly obliged.

Remember that when you come to see me your not only paying for a great massage, your also paying for my lovely, fresh, modern facilities. Because what’s the point in getting dirty…if you can’t have a little fun getting clean.

Anyway guys have a lovely sunny weekend
Love you all
Lucy Xxxx