Hi guys I just wanted to check in with you all,

How are you all? I can not actually believe that it is almost February! And people say that the month of jan is the worse month around, for me it has been one of the best months for meeting new and interesting people to massage aswell as catching up with some of my loyal, lovely reguours. I like a good healthy mix of both to keep me on my toes.

Progress on the house seems to have certainly built momentum this month aswell, I have not only painted my huge lounge aswell as primed and painted the wood paneling but I have also just layed some laminate flooring in my hallway, it is intresting how something so simple can lift the whole space, it makes it look 3 times bigger, I had being toying with the idea for a while, but I am so glad I took the plunge – As you know I am not a huge risk taker – but I am getting there! – Kitchen and bedroom next, aswell as carpeting my stairs 😉

This weekend I will be visiting liverpool with my mum, We will be going on a spa day and staying over in a nice hotel as a treat for ourselfs. I have been to liverpool so many times but randomly my mum never has, I have booked myself a hot stone massage, something that I have not tried since learning the technique at collage, my back needs some serious attention so I am happy to be getting that done aswell as letting my hair down and having a cocktail or 2. I have a few favorite cocktails, One is a mojito (i used to love the bison grass one from revolutions the most but they dont do it now but basicly it was an apple one) So an apple or passion fruit mojito is differently up there on my cocktail faves. I also love the aptly named Porn star martini, as you all know passion fruit is my favorite and with the procecco shot loosing up the fruit stones ….mmmm! is it weird that I want a cocktail now? it is 8.55 in the morning hehe!

Anyway guys, I need to go and get ready for my first massage of the day, I will as always sharing my adventures on twitter for those that follow me

Also guys dont forget I have a new phone number which is now on my profile.
Love you all

Lucy xxxxpic3