Hi guys,

I wanted to share with you my new favarate quote. its not a new quote, but itstepss an oldy but a goody!

A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.

How true is that? Sometimes like us all i can put things off, Sometimes I can put so many obstacles in my way that I convince myself that I cant do something. Sometime making a change is good, and for some people (like me) making a change can be so scary and daunting, but does that mean that we shouldn’t do it? something wed like to do, and want to do, does it mean we shouldn’t try? or even Try to try?

Making a change is so hard in life, being brave is even harder
, but just trying one little thing can lead to bigger changes and acts of bravery in the long run.

So if youd like to try a massage but are to scard, try a webcam show, and then work upto a massage.

if you want to start making your sexual bucket list, or any type of bucket list a reality, start of small, have a go, just get up and try!

I am pretty happy with my life, but i will be trying even harder to get out of my comfort zone and try new things. So far I have taken new and exciting volunteer work up and started a new collage coarse.

So guys, What step will you all be taking this week?

Love you all

Lucy xxx