A little outside naturism x

Hi guys how are you all doing?

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everybody that came to visit me on webcam yesterday, I havent been on in so long (4 weeks is a long time for me considering that webcam used to be the only thing i lived from) there isnt really a reason for not being online to be honest, after a busy day trying to fit massages in for everybody and trying to finish them in time for my kitcehen fitter to arive i sometimes just say to myself i cant be botherd, which is so silly because once i press the log in button i really enjoy myself, especially with all of my regulars. So now I am making an effort to cam more often.

So last night was abit of a weird one for me, I had been on webcam all night in my bedroom, and it got to about 7 and i relised i needed to nip to the supermarket, i just threw on a T shirt over my pink basque. when i was there i bumped into my friend and she asked me if i wanted to to go and find a geo cashe, weird i know but i love gero cashing!

The map took us down to the canal near were i live and to a huge open stretch of land with wild flowers and everything! I mentioned that one time i would like to do a shoot here and then remembered about my pink basque!
I asked my friend to take some picks which she did, but as i didnt have much make up on and just had jeans on she didnt take many – but i will return.

So guys what type of pics would you like? I was thinking of a few vids, maybe of me laying down taking a toy perhaps? Please feel free to message me x


Ps it looks as if i cant post the pic here however it is on my Adultwork profile x

All my love
lucy xx