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Grab those horns!

Hi guys today is a little bit of a motervatinal one – It is not monday so sady it can not be called motivational monday instead lets call it…..together thursdays?? argh that sounds quite american and as if we are working in a call center having a power meeting, in fact I used to work in a call centre in sunny stoke that did just that, the feature would be called ‘its all about you’ and each team would have to meet for 10 mins once a week for a ‘positivty injection’ I am not sure quite what they did but it worked, for the rest of the day you were so happy and positive about the place u worked, wold work harder than before….they would tell you to ‘send hugs down the phone’ then go home and wonder what vudu crap they pulled on you! arrrgh I am digressing massively on this one!

Back to this point lucy!

You may have seen the quote on my header: Take the bull by the horns.

This quote is because I have noticed something. most of my wonderful clients have mentioned that it took them alot to come and visit me, I dont mean in the physical sense but in the mental sense. I have heard so many stories of how clients almost didn’t make it to my door, putting excuses in there way, talking themselves out of it, or even saving my number and not being able to text or call me.

The second thing I noticed is that they all say the same thing once we have had a lovely tantric massage, That they truly enjoyed it and are glad that they listed to there heads, and not the nervs. I guess coming to a house you dont know, to a woman who you have only seen pictures of on the internet is truly scary, but reverse it – Its scary for me aswell, opening my home up to strangers is a scary thing and carries its own risks, so if you are nervous about your massage, dont worry, as the chances are that I am feeling it a little to.

Dont let those little nerves put you off something that youd like to do, thats right to do. Grab the bull by the horns and do something thats good for you. Because lets face it, life is short, sometimes to short! we never know where life will take us and what obstacles will be put in our way, we dont know what will happen in the future, life is a gift – which is why we call it the present!

Anyway guys I have to go to the dentist tomorrow again 🙁

For all of the nervious, scared, and curious guys out there – Il be here holding your hand whenever you are ready.

Love you all
Lucy xxxmot mon 2

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Its ok to have a fetish x

Hi guys hope you are all good?

Its Monday now and I cant believe how fast last week went! it was a pretty great week apart from a few hiccups which il get onto in a bit.

On Monday and Tuesday I saw some amazing clients, I got to see some great regulars and also some new gents and they were so lovely – even a couple of them had a few interesting kinks I haven’t come across before and it was so nice to learn about new fetishes and what gets people going – fetishes are nothing to be afraid of or scared of, and I know some people feel quite shameful for having them, but theirs nothing to be ashamed of, its completly normal, and as long as they are not hurting anybody or are ilegal then I love to hear about them on my massage table.

On Wednesday I woke up to a gas leek and no hot water! I had never had a gas leak before and i didn’t really know what to do. after using my common sense (and googling it like any other independent woman) the national grid were on there way, simple I had assumed. By 9 30 a whole 35 mins since I called they were here. I had a small has leak which they dont normally fix but did anyway, but it wasn’t the reason my pilot light wouldn’t light. So after calling 7 different gas engineers (alot of them dont do domestic! grr) I had managed to book one in – Once he has arrived and sucked in his breath and tenced his jaw a few times and made other strange noises with his mouth (why do trades people do that? if you are one I would love to know why) he discovered it was my circuit bored which had blown, he took it out to show me and it was like somebody had put a match to it! anyway to get it replaced was £500 grr! so reluctantly I booked him in for the following morning. The following morning it was all sorted and i now have hot water agein.

The rest of the week was also pretty good, I saw some once agein amazing clients and over the weekend I went for dinner with friends, finished off my open shelving in my kitchen and finally I went shopping and for cocktails with my mum.

Today I have taken the day off as I have had to go to the dentist 🙁 but i will be back for another bright and sunny tuesday – I may also go on cam tonight depending how im feeling.

See you all soon guys
Love lucy x

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I had an amazing time! x

Hello guys how are you all?

I am finally back from my amazing amazing holiday and it was just so darn relaxing!

I would love to wow you with trips i have taken, things i have seen, and the amazing people i met – but the truth is this: All i did was sit around my private pool in my villa, read some amazing books, look out at sea and ponder all of lifes important questions such as: what should I have for dinner? and should I buy a villa here?

I am very very lucky in my job to be so busy with my lovely clients, but it does leave me rather tired, and as you all know with the kitchen renovating happening just 2 weeks before my departure everything kind of happened at once so once I got on the plane to kefalonia i just totaly and utterly relaxed! by time I got to the villa I was ready to start my holiday. I got completely naked and jumped in the pool – it was so warm and the views out to sea were just ineradicable! most of the days were spent zuzzing by the pool and then a slow walk into the tiny little harbor where there was so many lovely quaint little greek restaurants and bars. As you all might have read before I love greek food and I got to have some of my favorites such as tzatziki,moussaka and lamb kleftiko but I also got to try new things such as kefalonian meat pie and pastitsio which I had never tried before. All in all it was such a lovely week and every night I close my eyes I will drift back to that sea veiw as I ponder my next adventure.

As much as I had a fantastic time I am now rested up and ready to see some lovely guys for some great massages. – In the knowledge Il be in gran canaria a month today! I just love my trips away! x

anyway guys I’m now back to normal and I hope to see you all very soon.

p.s – I did manage to take a few pics and vids on my holls so keep your eyes peeled! x

Anyway guys I hope to see you soon.

All my love
Lucy xx

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The kitchen is finally done!

Hi guys i just wanted to share my fantastic news with you all, my kitchen is FINALLY finished!

I know that in reality it has only taken 2 weeks, but it feels so much longer as the kitchen was just vile before with no fitted worktops, miss matched cabinets, no tiles, vile vile floor tiles and one tiny little spotlight. it just wasnt the look i wanted, and when i brought the house (can u believe that was a year ago i got the house) i knew id need a new kitchen, and bathroom. The bathroom as you know was the first priority as my wonderful clients come first, but then in march i decided to take the plunge and get the kitchen of my dreams.

Its not a huge kitchen, and my orignial plan was to have dove grey doors, but howdens slate grey looked more like a kaki green beige collour and as you all know the one collour i hate is beige! So i decided to step out of my comfort zone and get graphite which is a very dark grey, with the change of doors i had to change my whole design for the kitchen. As I was with howdens they didnt have any fancy visualizer software so it was all down to me to design the space.

With my change in doors came a change in worktops so I chose a anaconda sparkle top worktop, black extractor and metro tiles with a black grout. all finished with new flooring and plinth lights. On the other side is my sink which has been relocated and a boiling water tap added.

I still need to dress the space when i get home from my holls (yellow and navy accessories) and source my beloved yellow smeg which I have always wanted, then i’m completely done.

anyway guys i know my kitchen isnt exactly sexy but i get many emails and comments asking how it is going so i thught id share it.

All my love
Lucy xxx13781904_10157233593130523_6645977846072641944_n

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A little outside naturism x

Hi guys how are you all doing?

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everybody that came to visit me on webcam yesterday, I havent been on in so long (4 weeks is a long time for me considering that webcam used to be the only thing i lived from) there isnt really a reason for not being online to be honest, after a busy day trying to fit massages in for everybody and trying to finish them in time for my kitcehen fitter to arive i sometimes just say to myself i cant be botherd, which is so silly because once i press the log in button i really enjoy myself, especially with all of my regulars. So now I am making an effort to cam more often.

So last night was abit of a weird one for me, I had been on webcam all night in my bedroom, and it got to about 7 and i relised i needed to nip to the supermarket, i just threw on a T shirt over my pink basque. when i was there i bumped into my friend and she asked me if i wanted to to go and find a geo cashe, weird i know but i love gero cashing!

The map took us down to the canal near were i live and to a huge open stretch of land with wild flowers and everything! I mentioned that one time i would like to do a shoot here and then remembered about my pink basque!
I asked my friend to take some picks which she did, but as i didnt have much make up on and just had jeans on she didnt take many – but i will return.

So guys what type of pics would you like? I was thinking of a few vids, maybe of me laying down taking a toy perhaps? Please feel free to message me x


Ps it looks as if i cant post the pic here however it is on my Adultwork profile x

All my love
lucy xx

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Its all going to plan!

hello guys how are you all?

I just wanted to let you know that my kitchen is starting to look FANTASTIC! it is actually looking better than i imagined in my head and I am so excited for it to finish, It seems so different to when i had my bathroom done, and I guess thats because i have waited for the right buikder. Thank you for the tips guys.

The only thing i have been strugiling with having people in my house all the time is having to hide all of the dildos, pants and bras that i tend to throw off everywhere. I do hope he hasnt stumbled over one of my many dildo and bra draws, but you never know!….Question of the day have you every stumbled upon something you shouldn’t? x

I also wanted to say a huge thank you for all of you being so patent with me with regards to my working hours, as you all know I am only able to work in the day untill 5:30 or in the evening after about 9ish but as you all know 5:30 – 9 are my crazy times but I am muddling through thank you to all you lovely guys.

It is only tuesday but it feels so much later in the week already, i guess because I have been so busy massaging you lovely lot.

This Pic is me right now, at this very second!

Anyway guys,

see you soon

All my love

lucy xxxx

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Broken phone!

Oh my God I’ve broken my phone

I thought the days of breaking my phone with behind me all after all of the trouble I had a Christmas however Monday morning came and I was just about to jump into the shower before my first massage of the week and what happened I was listening to music as you do Mumford & Sons in case you are wondering and suddenly the music just stopped completely he is me thinking it was because of my broken screen but it wasn’t. Had a really busy Monday so so many lovely clients some old some new so I didn’t get to the phone shop until about 3 o’clock. Easy they said come back in an hour will change your battery on your screen it will be £90 so the timelapse then I went back to the shop very excited that my phone was fixed they said to charge up for 12 hours and it will be fine so that’s what I did thankfully in the meantime I had very old and dusty iPhone 5 at the back of my door so I was able just to transfer the sim, tuesday came but my phone still didn’t switch on. Yet another trip into more shopping centre to get it sorted now I am starting to become annoyed, come back in an hour they say will put a new battery on, a hour comes and guess what still not fixed, please leave us please leave it with us until Thursday it would definitely be sorted then the power mode but we can do it, thursday- I call for times asking if my phone is fixed no reply, I leave my busy day to go into the shop, and they can’t fix it they’ve kept me waiting this whole week the something that they just can’t fix. They gave me a full refund and a broken fone. Search a new place, and this place has good reviews I’ve been recommended this place but still they can’t fix my phone, £250 they say think fuck it I can get new phone for that.

So anyway guys I’m back on my iPhone 5 with the same number untill the iPhone 7 comes out, so you could get hold of me at any time however I have lost all my numbers and all of my texts which means that my lovely loyal clients that may have been waiting for a reply from me will be waiting a while so if you can see this blog any of you please just drop me a message with your name just to remind me on of who you are and what your numbers so you don’t think I’m rude. Once again I’m sorry for any disruption and if any of you tried to get hold of me but I’ve not been able to speak to me or get a reply to a text please to send those messages again and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Anyway guys it’s a Sunday night I’m about to go to sleep, I have clean sheets some freshly shaved pubes love that combination, mmm! Have a busy week I had the builder has completed his first week on my kitchen – as you all know he’s been working in the evenings 530 until nine, so come and visit before and after that time xx

Hope you have an amazing week and I hope to see you all for a lovely WebCam show or oily tantric massage very soon lots of love kiss kiss

Lucy xxx

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its finally happening!

Hi guys, Hope you are all very very well!

I have something exciting to tell you, so exciting you need to be sitting down, so exciting that when i tell you please try and contain yourselfs……………my kitchen is FINALLY getting installed next week! I know how amazing!

if you follow my blog you will know how long i have waited for my builder to finish the job he has been working on to fit my kitchen, but emergencies with the job and then a cock up with howdens mean that it is a tad late! but I am seing this a good thing, as hopefully this is the thing…you know the thing when your doing building work, the thing that always happens, usualy costs you more cash you usualy dont have, well fingers crossed this is it!

Anyway guys my building work means that for the next 2 weeks I shal be working 7am untill 5:30pm and then after 10pm monday to friday. On weekends I shal be working 6pm untill 11p, as per usual.

So thats my big news guys! Please cross all of your fingers my lovely kitchen goes ahead of plan, i will keep you all posted.

P.s did anybody spot me at Wimbledon on wednesday? I was on center court all day right underneath the players box, it was wonderfully amazing and my mum loved it. I am so glad that we got picked in the ballet to go on center court as the roof was very usefull, it rained allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll day!!

Anyway guys i am off to bed now, early start in the morning.

All my love
Lucy xx

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june 26th x

Hi guys how are you all?

I hope that you are all being good and finding something to entertain you on this rainy sunday, (hopefully you are wanking over my photos) 😉

This last 2 weeks have been really strange for me, inbetween my daily massages I have been trying to get the house ready for my kitchen which was due to be delivered by howdens on wednesday, On wednesday morning I called and asked where they were only to be told they have screwed the delivery dates up and it wad due this wedneday, not only this they informed me that because it was a week away they had sold the corner unit in stock which was supposed to be for my kitchen to somebody elce, It was so annoying because I had spent the whole of last sunday moving everything in my kitchen including the fridge to my dining room, So i was not a happy bunny! All this week I have been going back and forth to both rooms making cups of tea and walking thrugh the whole house to get the milk! Anyway it is all sorted now and wednesday is D day! Not that I will be here (builder has the key) as I will be going to wimbildon for the day! I am so excited as my mum and I go every year, this year is very special as we have bagged some center court tickets but we dont know whos playing yet, I cant say I am a huge tenis fan but my mum is a HUGE fan, so much so that she takes 2 weeks anual leave to watch the whole thing, She prefers mens tenis as she says its more competitive, I must say it is better to watch in person as the ladies can be very loud…is there any need?

As you can see from my pic I am also planning my trip to kefalonia in Greece at the end of this month, I am super excited as the hotel contacted me asking if I would like an upgrade to a villa for a relatively small sum, So I went for it! I am so excited as although I have stayed in villas before I have never stayed in one with a pool overlooking the Ionian sea! As you all know I absolutely love Greece and one day I will spend half of my year there. Im not interested in fancy all inclusive hotels or huge resorts, I love a simple life, sipping wine, overlooking the sea, reading my many…many…many books, writing in my diary, taking strolls to harbors and dining is small quaint greek taverns, nothing in this life is better! Having a PVT pool also gives me the chance to get upto no good! now obviously I cant take any sex toys away with me because I am only hand luggage only, but I do want to make some naughty movies when I am out there, So if there are any specific ones based around a pool or sunshine or anything like that please please let me know!
I will be going away on the 21st of july for one week!

Ok guys I am going now as game of thrones is only a few hours away.

Love lucy xxxxxx

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My birthday – june 11th

Hiya guys how are you all doing? I hope you are all well?

I just wanted to let you all know I had such a fantastic time for my birthday. I dont like to make a huge huge deal of my birthday, especially now im getting older, but all I like to do is spend time with my lovely family which is what I did.

On the Friday we went for a nice Chinese meal in stoke on trent, If you know stoke on trent the restaurant is called peaches (can we just bow down to the amazingnes which is chicken wontons), its nothing special but filled with a lovely atmosphere and lovely conversation with my mum,brothers and nephew – it also has the bonus of a spinny table which never fails to secretly impress the child in me!

On the Saturday which was my birthday I took myself to the trafford cenrtre and ate way too much tapass, I also saw a movie called mothers day which was really funny and nice – I really was thinking about seing me before you, as I read the book a while back, but i didnt fancy having a emotional breakdown on my own in the trafford center on my birthday, I have heard the movie is more of a tear jerker than the book, I will go and see it at some point.

Then on the sunday it was quite a rainy day so i spent the day at home watching sex and the city and drinking tea. On the whole it was a pretty low key birthday but spent with all the people I love, doing all the things I love.

I have some really exciting news about my kitchen which may effect my availability for the next 2 weeks, but I will write more of that tomorrow.

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everybody that send me birthday messages on here. And also a huge thank you to Mr A – he knows who he is and got me such a nice gift, he is really becoming a great friend and I hope we get to continue a friendship into the future. Coming home to a gift on my doorstep really gave me a huge smile on my face.

Here is a pic of me on Friday night.

Love you all
Lucy xx13419116_10157079069480523_2214535714197122459_n