Broken phone!

Oh my God I’ve broken my phone

I thought the days of breaking my phone with behind me all after all of the trouble I had a Christmas however Monday morning came and I was just about to jump into the shower before my first massage of the week and what happened I was listening to music as you do Mumford & Sons in case you are wondering and suddenly the music just stopped completely he is me thinking it was because of my broken screen but it wasn’t. Had a really busy Monday so so many lovely clients some old some new so I didn’t get to the phone shop until about 3 o’clock. Easy they said come back in an hour will change your battery on your screen it will be £90 so the timelapse then I went back to the shop very excited that my phone was fixed they said to charge up for 12 hours and it will be fine so that’s what I did thankfully in the meantime I had very old and dusty iPhone 5 at the back of my door so I was able just to transfer the sim, tuesday came but my phone still didn’t switch on. Yet another trip into more shopping centre to get it sorted now I am starting to become annoyed, come back in an hour they say will put a new battery on, a hour comes and guess what still not fixed, please leave us please leave it with us until Thursday it would definitely be sorted then the power mode but we can do it, thursday- I call for times asking if my phone is fixed no reply, I leave my busy day to go into the shop, and they can’t fix it they’ve kept me waiting this whole week the something that they just can’t fix. They gave me a full refund and a broken fone. Search a new place, and this place has good reviews I’ve been recommended this place but still they can’t fix my phone, £250 they say think fuck it I can get new phone for that.

So anyway guys I’m back on my iPhone 5 with the same number untill the iPhone 7 comes out, so you could get hold of me at any time however I have lost all my numbers and all of my texts which means that my lovely loyal clients that may have been waiting for a reply from me will be waiting a while so if you can see this blog any of you please just drop me a message with your name just to remind me on of who you are and what your numbers so you don’t think I’m rude. Once again I’m sorry for any disruption and if any of you tried to get hold of me but I’ve not been able to speak to me or get a reply to a text please to send those messages again and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Anyway guys it’s a Sunday night I’m about to go to sleep, I have clean sheets some freshly shaved pubes love that combination, mmm! Have a busy week I had the builder has completed his first week on my kitchen – as you all know he’s been working in the evenings 530 until nine, so come and visit before and after that time xx

Hope you have an amazing week and I hope to see you all for a lovely WebCam show or oily tantric massage very soon lots of love kiss kiss

Lucy xxx