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Hello guys,



Well first of all let me tell you that today I do not look very sexy as I am in the middle of laying yet more laminate floor! I am taking abit of a break as im stumped of a particular part, those of you that have visited my home will know that the house is more of a quirky cottage style house so no wall is particularly square, but I will plan my next move and hopefully be done….soon!

The second thing I have to tell you is pretty exciting. I have decided to start a small collage coarse on Thursday nights, its just something small and different than my usual day to day thing and its just for 3 months – dont worry guys i’m not going to be changing jobs or anything, its just that I am abit of a workaholic and most days put in 14 hours days, its nice sometimes to have a change of pace and use my brain a little bit – and do something that involves wearing clothes. So that means that I will not be on cam or working on Thursday nights from now on. Once I am a little bit braver I will tell you what I will be studying, but its abit different from massage but still quite creative.

In other news i have just finished having my walk in wardbrobe done which means once my new bed comes and the rooms painted, the bedroom is ready for cuddle sessions again. I relay want a soft and relaxing bedroom and to take a step away from usual aray of bright collars like in the rest of my house – so I shall keep you posted.

Love you all
Lucy x

bottom line 22

The bottom line x

Hello guys,

So here is to a su
bject I don’t usually talk about on my blog, Its not because I don’t have one, but I never coincided mine to be particularly eventful.

My bottom!of my bottom, he declared his undying love for my derriere and asked if it was poss to get some good images of it with and without jeans.

So here you go guys, here is a picture of my bottom in my skinny jeans. Its not the bigist, the jucyist or the nicest, but here it is!

I Love this picture anbottom line 22d lets face it….my ass looks pretty god darn nice! So this next few weeks there will be more pictures featuring my voluptuous bottom x

As you all know all of my massages are performed naked, And I just adore a gentle stroke while I am giving you the most amazing tantric massage x

Have a great weekend,
Love lucy x