Q. Do you have any Tattoos?
A. Nope x

Q. Do you have parking facilities?
A. yes there is plenty of secure parking available. x

Q. Do you have Shower facilities?
A. I have a fully separate shower from my bath so no awkward stepping over, i have mouth wash and fresh towels as well. x

Q. Do you do in calls our out calls?
A. I prefer to provide in calls from my home.

Q. Do you use scented, or unscented oils?
A. I do prefer to use scented oils as i feel they aid and push you further into relaxation however i can very easily switch to unscented oils if you would prefer x

Q. Do you see Black, Asian or Chinese people?
A. A question I get asked a lot, Why wouldn’t I? We all need time out, to take time out. Yes I see everybody providing you are polite, nice and not rude. x

Q. I’m over 50 can I still come to see you?
A. Of course, relaxation and fun has no age limits. x

Q. Do you see young men?
A. I see men over the age of 20. x

Q. Am I too heavy for your massage bed?
A. Not at all, I also have a real bed in my studio if you would rather the massage on that. x

Q. Do you offer any sexual services?
A. Although the massage is a sensual, tantric experience, is not an escort service.

Q. What makes your service different to others that offer tantric and NURU service in your area.
A. Another good question thank you for that one 🙂 What makes me different, Well first of all I have studied the art of tantra for 3 years as well as being a practicing naturist since the age of well…young! for the past 4 years I have being studying to make myself as qualified as possible in order to charge for my massages and tantra. Therefor I have been to Essex and received a recognised tantra qualification as well as an NVQl3 in normal massage methods.

Another reason I am different is the materials I use, I don’t use baby oil or cheap oils, For NURU massages I use Mr Norris Nuru gell which is tasteless, odorless and give brilliant slide. I will also use glide sheets in NURU massage to give an authentic experience. Forgive me if im wrong, But no other massage therapist offers Real NURU in the midlands. x

Do you have a wishlist? 

I do its here http://amzn.eu/dt3bhIX


Love you all

Lucy x