Grab those horns!

Hi guys today is a little bit of a motervatinal one – It is not monday so sady it can not be called motivational monday instead lets call it…..together thursdays?? argh that sounds quite american and as if we are working in a call center having a power meeting, in fact I used to work in a call centre in sunny stoke that did just that, the feature would be called ‘its all about you’ and each team would have to meet for 10 mins once a week for a ‘positivty injection’ I am not sure quite what they did but it worked, for the rest of the day you were so happy and positive about the place u worked, wold work harder than before….they would tell you to ‘send hugs down the phone’ then go home and wonder what vudu crap they pulled on you! arrrgh I am digressing massively on this one!

Back to this point lucy!

You may have seen the quote on my header: Take the bull by the horns.

This quote is because I have noticed something. most of my wonderful clients have mentioned that it took them alot to come and visit me, I dont mean in the physical sense but in the mental sense. I have heard so many stories of how clients almost didn’t make it to my door, putting excuses in there way, talking themselves out of it, or even saving my number and not being able to text or call me.

The second thing I noticed is that they all say the same thing once we have had a lovely tantric massage, That they truly enjoyed it and are glad that they listed to there heads, and not the nervs. I guess coming to a house you dont know, to a woman who you have only seen pictures of on the internet is truly scary, but reverse it – Its scary for me aswell, opening my home up to strangers is a scary thing and carries its own risks, so if you are nervous about your massage, dont worry, as the chances are that I am feeling it a little to.

Dont let those little nerves put you off something that youd like to do, thats right to do. Grab the bull by the horns and do something thats good for you. Because lets face it, life is short, sometimes to short! we never know where life will take us and what obstacles will be put in our way, we dont know what will happen in the future, life is a gift – which is why we call it the present!

Anyway guys I have to go to the dentist tomorrow again 🙁

For all of the nervious, scared, and curious guys out there – Il be here holding your hand whenever you are ready.

Love you all
Lucy xxxmot mon 2