Happy bank holiday x

Hi guys how are you all?

I have wanted to get around to posting a blog for a few weeks but to be honest I seem to have serious writers block, I always feel so boring just writing what I have been upto because as you all know, I’m just a normal girl, with a boring life….with an amazing job obviously! I have been massaging and webcaming so much, and then doing house jobs in the night there just dosent seem to be anything interesting happening! oh yes and my collage coarse which I am really enjoying!

How was your bank holiday weekend? Mine was good and….13076890_10156920354715523_5559129103886341486_nbad! My mum, brother, neice and nephew have all had this vile vile sickness big, I knew it was a matter of time before I got it. So because I didnt want to cross contaminate my lovely clients I decided to take the whole bank holiday weekend off. Thankfully I did because I wasn’t feeling great on Saturday so I spent the whole day watching the whole 2 seasons of gavin and stacey on netflix in bed, I was so annoyed as there was so many job in the house I wanted to get upto. sunday I felt lotts better so I slowly wallpapered a feature wall in my bedroom and put my new bed together – the bed in fact is for my cuddle therapy room but as my brothers stuff (il only need to store my whole flat in your spare room for a month tops – 6 months ago) is filling the that room I decided to use it. My new bed for my bedroom is on order but im kind of liking the one I got for cuddle room now, il let you all decide if you ever come for a cuddle!

Anyway, the wallpapering was hard this time, It was a seagrass type wallpaper and the seams just wouldnt play ball, Thankfully its up now and isnt to bad for a beginer!

On monday I went to eccalsore market which is a big car boot, its kind of a family bank holiday tradish and I am sure if i have any readers from stoke you will have been dragged around it at least once with your mum. I love a good car boot sale though, but i didn’t find anything good, just a few plants. I have been trying to as much as I can to get out in the garden (its quite big but a courtyard at the moment) so I have been knocking down the shed to make way for some decking I want to lay – need to learn how to deck now! I have decided I want a mix between an Japanese zen garden and an English country cottage, not hard to pull off right?? so guys if you have any plants or cuttings from nice plants please bring them with you – I am a total beginner at gardening but I am finding it interesting and exciting seing the time I put in being paid off. in my head I have a vision of it being a wonderful place I can just go out to with a good book and curl up, or have a inproptu bbq or something. What are your gardens like?

In other news the kitchen fitters confirmed the dates today, They will be doing my ceiling in a week (spotlights) and then they will start the rest of the fit on the last week in may – it fits in pretty well as my mum is going on her hollsthat week so I can stay at hers for a week, but it means i wont be able to massage, so i will be just webcaming that week, unless I can maybe massage there in the evening once the builders go home, I guess for that week its going to be a see how it goes kind of week.

Anyway guys, I hope you are all well, I am back to massaging now im feeling lotts better. see you all later

Lucy xxx