I had an amazing time! x

Hello guys how are you all?

I am finally back from my amazing amazing holiday and it was just so darn relaxing!

I would love to wow you with trips i have taken, things i have seen, and the amazing people i met – but the truth is this: All i did was sit around my private pool in my villa, read some amazing books, look out at sea and ponder all of lifes important questions such as: what should I have for dinner? and should I buy a villa here?

I am very very lucky in my job to be so busy with my lovely clients, but it does leave me rather tired, and as you all know with the kitchen renovating happening just 2 weeks before my departure everything kind of happened at once so once I got on the plane to kefalonia i just totaly and utterly relaxed! by time I got to the villa I was ready to start my holiday. I got completely naked and jumped in the pool – it was so warm and the views out to sea were just ineradicable! most of the days were spent zuzzing by the pool and then a slow walk into the tiny little harbor where there was so many lovely quaint little greek restaurants and bars. As you all might have read before I love greek food and I got to have some of my favorites such as tzatziki,moussaka and lamb kleftiko but I also got to try new things such as kefalonian meat pie and pastitsio which I had never tried before. All in all it was such a lovely week and every night I close my eyes I will drift back to that sea veiw as I ponder my next adventure.

As much as I had a fantastic time I am now rested up and ready to see some lovely guys for some great massages. – In the knowledge Il be in gran canaria a month today! I just love my trips away! x

anyway guys I’m now back to normal and I hope to see you all very soon.

p.s – I did manage to take a few pics and vids on my holls so keep your eyes peeled! x

Anyway guys I hope to see you soon.

All my love
Lucy xx