I love my job x

Hi guys, how are you all? How was your bank holiday weekend?

Mine was so so busy! I just wanted to let you all know what I have been upto, i have been hard at work this weekend. First of all I hot my hair refitted, very important! I then have been hard at work in the garden, I planted some lovely plants and fitted some decking, i assumed that the decking would take me forever but it only took me a day thank god, the rest of my relaxing days off were spent sending some saucy texts to a great client, painting stuff and watching Britons got talent, a perfect bank holiday weekend in my eyes.



Now I am back to normal and seing some lovely clients agein. I just love to massage, I know I say it all the time but i do absoluty love my job. It makes me so happy to help people, it might be helping to relax you, helping you being turned on, and in other circumstances helping you find what you have been searching for for quite a while.

Some clients come and see me because they have heard that tantra can help many things including erectile dysfunction, I had a client last week who had struggled for while with getting, and keeping an erection. I could see how scared he was but after a hour in my lovely massage room he was standing to attention and begging me to let him climax….natural I edged him right to the brink of climax and brought him back agein 3 or 4 times untill I was ready for him to explode, I do this by pouring oil all over there private parts and run my fingers, and whole body softly along the sensitive parts of the body, making each breath and each and every stroke count, it may be as simple as swishing my finger around your testicle and leaving my bare loose breasts to slide aross your chest. Once he had quite literally exploded I let him rest up for a while (tantra can leave you pretty exasperated) before letting him have a lovely warm soapy rain shower.

I could gush and gush all night about how I love my job, but I need to go to sleep. Wednesdays are always my busyist days!

Love you all

The pics are the pics from my sexting session. xx