Its all going to plan!

hello guys how are you all?

I just wanted to let you know that my kitchen is starting to look FANTASTIC! it is actually looking better than i imagined in my head and I am so excited for it to finish, It seems so different to when i had my bathroom done, and I guess thats because i have waited for the right buikder. Thank you for the tips guys.

The only thing i have been strugiling with having people in my house all the time is having to hide all of the dildos, pants and bras that i tend to throw off everywhere. I do hope he hasnt stumbled over one of my many dildo and bra draws, but you never know!….Question of the day have you every stumbled upon something you shouldn’t? x

I also wanted to say a huge thank you for all of you being so patent with me with regards to my working hours, as you all know I am only able to work in the day untill 5:30 or in the evening after about 9ish but as you all know 5:30 – 9 are my crazy times but I am muddling through thank you to all you lovely guys.

It is only tuesday but it feels so much later in the week already, i guess because I have been so busy massaging you lovely lot.

This Pic is me right now, at this very second!

Anyway guys,

see you soon

All my love

lucy xxxx