its finally happening!

Hi guys, Hope you are all very very well!

I have something exciting to tell you, so exciting you need to be sitting down, so exciting that when i tell you please try and contain yourselfs……………my kitchen is FINALLY getting installed next week! I know how amazing!

if you follow my blog you will know how long i have waited for my builder to finish the job he has been working on to fit my kitchen, but emergencies with the job and then a cock up with howdens mean that it is a tad late! but I am seing this a good thing, as hopefully this is the thing…you know the thing when your doing building work, the thing that always happens, usualy costs you more cash you usualy dont have, well fingers crossed this is it!

Anyway guys my building work means that for the next 2 weeks I shal be working 7am untill 5:30pm and then after 10pm monday to friday. On weekends I shal be working 6pm untill 11p, as per usual.

So thats my big news guys! Please cross all of your fingers my lovely kitchen goes ahead of plan, i will keep you all posted.

P.s did anybody spot me at Wimbledon on wednesday? I was on center court all day right underneath the players box, it was wonderfully amazing and my mum loved it. I am so glad that we got picked in the ballet to go on center court as the roof was very usefull, it rained allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll day!!

Anyway guys i am off to bed now, early start in the morning.

All my love
Lucy xx