Its ok to have a fetish x

Hi guys hope you are all good?

Its Monday now and I cant believe how fast last week went! it was a pretty great week apart from a few hiccups which il get onto in a bit.

On Monday and Tuesday I saw some amazing clients, I got to see some great regulars and also some new gents and they were so lovely – even a couple of them had a few interesting kinks I haven’t come across before and it was so nice to learn about new fetishes and what gets people going – fetishes are nothing to be afraid of or scared of, and I know some people feel quite shameful for having them, but theirs nothing to be ashamed of, its completly normal, and as long as they are not hurting anybody or are ilegal then I love to hear about them on my massage table.

On Wednesday I woke up to a gas leek and no hot water! I had never had a gas leak before and i didn’t really know what to do. after using my common sense (and googling it like any other independent woman) the national grid were on there way, simple I had assumed. By 9 30 a whole 35 mins since I called they were here. I had a small has leak which they dont normally fix but did anyway, but it wasn’t the reason my pilot light wouldn’t light. So after calling 7 different gas engineers (alot of them dont do domestic! grr) I had managed to book one in – Once he has arrived and sucked in his breath and tenced his jaw a few times and made other strange noises with his mouth (why do trades people do that? if you are one I would love to know why) he discovered it was my circuit bored which had blown, he took it out to show me and it was like somebody had put a match to it! anyway to get it replaced was £500 grr! so reluctantly I booked him in for the following morning. The following morning it was all sorted and i now have hot water agein.

The rest of the week was also pretty good, I saw some once agein amazing clients and over the weekend I went for dinner with friends, finished off my open shelving in my kitchen and finally I went shopping and for cocktails with my mum.

Today I have taken the day off as I have had to go to the dentist 🙁 but i will be back for another bright and sunny tuesday – I may also go on cam tonight depending how im feeling.

See you all soon guys
Love lucy x