june 26th x

Hi guys how are you all?

I hope that you are all being good and finding something to entertain you on this rainy sunday, (hopefully you are wanking over my photos) 😉

This last 2 weeks have been really strange for me, inbetween my daily massages I have been trying to get the house ready for my kitchen which was due to be delivered by howdens on wednesday, On wednesday morning I called and asked where they were only to be told they have screwed the delivery dates up and it wad due this wedneday, not only this they informed me that because it was a week away they had sold the corner unit in stock which was supposed to be for my kitchen to somebody elce, It was so annoying because I had spent the whole of last sunday moving everything in my kitchen including the fridge to my dining room, So i was not a happy bunny! All this week I have been going back and forth to both rooms making cups of tea and walking thrugh the whole house to get the milk! Anyway it is all sorted now and wednesday is D day! Not that I will be here (builder has the key) as I will be going to wimbildon for the day! I am so excited as my mum and I go every year, this year is very special as we have bagged some center court tickets but we dont know whos playing yet, I cant say I am a huge tenis fan but my mum is a HUGE fan, so much so that she takes 2 weeks anual leave to watch the whole thing, She prefers mens tenis as she says its more competitive, I must say it is better to watch in person as the ladies can be very loud…is there any need?

As you can see from my pic I am also planning my trip to kefalonia in Greece at the end of this month, I am super excited as the hotel contacted me asking if I would like an upgrade to a villa for a relatively small sum, So I went for it! I am so excited as although I have stayed in villas before I have never stayed in one with a pool overlooking the Ionian sea! As you all know I absolutely love Greece and one day I will spend half of my year there. Im not interested in fancy all inclusive hotels or huge resorts, I love a simple life, sipping wine, overlooking the sea, reading my many…many…many books, writing in my diary, taking strolls to harbors and dining is small quaint greek taverns, nothing in this life is better! Having a PVT pool also gives me the chance to get upto no good! now obviously I cant take any sex toys away with me because I am only hand luggage only, but I do want to make some naughty movies when I am out there, So if there are any specific ones based around a pool or sunshine or anything like that please please let me know!
I will be going away on the 21st of july for one week!

Ok guys I am going now as game of thrones is only a few hours away.

Love lucy xxxxxx