My birthday – june 11th

Hiya guys how are you all doing? I hope you are all well?

I just wanted to let you all know I had such a fantastic time for my birthday. I dont like to make a huge huge deal of my birthday, especially now im getting older, but all I like to do is spend time with my lovely family which is what I did.

On the Friday we went for a nice Chinese meal in stoke on trent, If you know stoke on trent the restaurant is called peaches (can we just bow down to the amazingnes which is chicken wontons), its nothing special but filled with a lovely atmosphere and lovely conversation with my mum,brothers and nephew – it also has the bonus of a spinny table which never fails to secretly impress the child in me!

On the Saturday which was my birthday I took myself to the trafford cenrtre and ate way too much tapass, I also saw a movie called mothers day which was really funny and nice – I really was thinking about seing me before you, as I read the book a while back, but i didnt fancy having a emotional breakdown on my own in the trafford center on my birthday, I have heard the movie is more of a tear jerker than the book, I will go and see it at some point.

Then on the sunday it was quite a rainy day so i spent the day at home watching sex and the city and drinking tea. On the whole it was a pretty low key birthday but spent with all the people I love, doing all the things I love.

I have some really exciting news about my kitchen which may effect my availability for the next 2 weeks, but I will write more of that tomorrow.

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everybody that send me birthday messages on here. And also a huge thank you to Mr A – he knows who he is and got me such a nice gift, he is really becoming a great friend and I hope we get to continue a friendship into the future. Coming home to a gift on my doorstep really gave me a huge smile on my face.

Here is a pic of me on Friday night.

Love you all
Lucy xx13419116_10157079069480523_2214535714197122459_n