My bucket list x

Bucket list.

This week I got to thinking about bucket lists, The thought came as a client who sadly is very ill was telling me what his bucket list was, sadly he hasn’t much time to forfull it, It made me think as i have never particularly put down on paper (well, the screen) what I want to achieve from life, So i figured that if i type it here I cant back out relay can I? You know I never like to let down my readers.

So sit back and try not to roll on the floor in laughter.

1 – Meet the queen
2- Swim with sharks
3 – Win a pride of Briton award (but I figure I need to do something pretty important to win one like save somebody from a burning building or something so from now il be poised and ready for action!)
4 – Go to las vagas and see the cirque du soleil
5 – Go to Glastonbury (The only festival iv not done)
6 – Swim the channel
7 – Have my house featured in a mag, Iv kind of already been in one, but was more my face and opinions on interior designs and one picture of my work, next time I want the whole house.
8 – Go to Hawaii,
9 – Buy a pink convertible
10 – Write a book.

Well theirs quite alot on my list, I think I need to get started.

Whats on your list?

Love lucy xx

Pic is me as we speak