The bottom line x

Hello guys,

So here is to a su
bject I don’t usually talk about on my blog, Its not because I don’t have one, but I never coincided mine to be particularly eventful.

My bottom!of my bottom, he declared his undying love for my derriere and asked if it was poss to get some good images of it with and without jeans.

So here you go guys, here is a picture of my bottom in my skinny jeans. Its not the bigist, the jucyist or the nicest, but here it is!

I Love this picture anbottom line 22d lets face it….my ass looks pretty god darn nice! So this next few weeks there will be more pictures featuring my voluptuous bottom x

As you all know all of my massages are performed naked, And I just adore a gentle stroke while I am giving you the most amazing tantric massage x

Have a great weekend,
Love lucy x