The kitchen is finally done!

Hi guys i just wanted to share my fantastic news with you all, my kitchen is FINALLY finished!

I know that in reality it has only taken 2 weeks, but it feels so much longer as the kitchen was just vile before with no fitted worktops, miss matched cabinets, no tiles, vile vile floor tiles and one tiny little spotlight. it just wasnt the look i wanted, and when i brought the house (can u believe that was a year ago i got the house) i knew id need a new kitchen, and bathroom. The bathroom as you know was the first priority as my wonderful clients come first, but then in march i decided to take the plunge and get the kitchen of my dreams.

Its not a huge kitchen, and my orignial plan was to have dove grey doors, but howdens slate grey looked more like a kaki green beige collour and as you all know the one collour i hate is beige! So i decided to step out of my comfort zone and get graphite which is a very dark grey, with the change of doors i had to change my whole design for the kitchen. As I was with howdens they didnt have any fancy visualizer software so it was all down to me to design the space.

With my change in doors came a change in worktops so I chose a anaconda sparkle top worktop, black extractor and metro tiles with a black grout. all finished with new flooring and plinth lights. On the other side is my sink which has been relocated and a boiling water tap added.

I still need to dress the space when i get home from my holls (yellow and navy accessories) and source my beloved yellow smeg which I have always wanted, then i’m completely done.

anyway guys i know my kitchen isnt exactly sexy but i get many emails and comments asking how it is going so i thught id share it.

All my love
Lucy xxx13781904_10157233593130523_6645977846072641944_n